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Auremo, an MPD Client for Windows

Auremo is a graphical client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). It serves as a kind of "fancy remote control" for an MPD server running on your computer or, perhaps more typically, your local network.

Auremo runs on all modern Windows computers that have .NET 4.0 installed. At the moment it is mainly designed for desktops and laptops that support drag and drop.

Auremo provides a graphical interface for a number of MPD features, such as playback control, play queue manipulation, music collection browsing and searching, HTTP streams (e.g., Internet radio), saving and editing playlists, etc. It also makes an effort to be compatible with other music servers that use MPD's network protocol, such as Mopidy, as long as this doesn't cripple operation with an actual MPD server.

Auremo is freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.



Auremo 0.8.0 released
23 Feb 2016

A new version of Auremo is out after the final beta survived about a month of testing time without feedback. This version adds, among other things, the ability to set up multiple MPD servers and switch between them, crossfade and mix ramp support, and a new album sorting mode. The Changelog page contains a more exhaustive list of additions and fixes.

Development continues for a 0.9 target later this year. Interesting new features could include album art, language translations, smart views and better protocol compliance.

Second beta release is out, final call for testing
27 Jan 2016

Many people downloaded and tested the first beta of Auremo-0.8 and a few bugs were uncovered. The second beta release should address these. Thanks to everyone who took the time to test drive the beta. Please have patience and give this one a go as well.

Prereleases of Auremo 0.8 available
6 Sep 2015

After a long pause in releases, the first alpha-quality build of the upcoming Auremo 0.8 release is now available. This release is only recommended for technical users who don't mind a few bugs. Feedback is welcome, especially from Mopidy users and those with messy music collections. Note that you can keep both this new version and the stable one on your computer at the same time.

This new release sports a rewrite of Auremo's internal database. It should lead to an obvious leap in code quality and, in the long run, fewer bugs. However, this first prerelease probably has more bugs than the stable version.

Auremo is now hosted on CodePlex
7 Apr 2015

Auremo has moved here to the CodePlex project hosting service. This follows Google's announcement that they are shutting down Google Code where Auremo was hosted previously.

One of the benefits of the move is that Auremo's downloads are now available on the same site with the code and documentation, instead of on Google Drive. The old Subversion code repository has also been switched to Git. This should make version management much more flexible.

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