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Cannot see artists etc. (just current playlist) - with solution


I recently installed Auremo and noticed that I could not see anything other than the current playlist. Using Auremo 0.8.0 beta I could see that everything was in order in the logs. However looking at mpd.log on the server showed:

buffered_socket: error on client 84: Output buffer is full

So it wasn't Auremo failing, but mpd! I have a fairly large library (~9000 artists, 4500 albums and 45000 songs) so to resolve this I edited my mpd.conf file and changed the default line from
#max_output_buffer_size          "8192"
max_output_buffer_size          "16384"
I then restarted mpd and Auremo and it worked.

The number in max_output_buffer_size should vary depending on your library.

NOTE: The client appears to hang when you first start it, but eventually comes good (it looks to retrieve/store/sort all the data to memory each time). 0.80 beta also consumed a lot of memory as a result - ~800Mb in my case.


auremompd wrote Jan 25, 2016 at 3:53 PM

Yes, this can happen not just with a large music collection, but also with a very long playlist. Fixing the former will probably be the main focus of Auremo 0.9 as the MPD devs discourage keeping a client-side copy of all the music metadata (which is exactly what Auremo is doing right now). However there's nothing Auremo can really do when the playlist is thousands of items long, or when all the songs reside in a single directory on the server, etc.

I think I'm going to start a troubleshooting page for Auremo and this is the first item to go in there, because this bug tracker is kind of the wrong place for this information -- but it needs to go somewhere. Thanks!

auremompd wrote Feb 26, 2016 at 9:14 AM

Update: the troubleshooting page is now up and accessible though the documentation tab.