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Auremo Documentation

Auremo is a graphical standalone client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). Its purpose is to be a "fancy remote control" for a server that's playing music -- Auremo itself does not play audio. For more information about MPD and the various clients written for it, start by visiting the MPD home page.


Auremo's design follows a few goals:
  • It is and always will be free software.
  • It must be self-explanatory enough to be run by a non-technical user without much instruction.
  • It must be self-contained and not depend on non-trivial software components or libraries.
  • It must be well-behaved: be cleanly uninstallable and keep its data files in a few well-defined (and easily removable) locations.
  • It must be developer-friendly: development must not depend on costly software or any third-party libraries. It must be possible to simply open the source code start hacking.
  • It should have a good feature set and not lack any obviously necessary features, even when the author has no personal use for them.

Auremo is developed in C# with a WPF/XAML user interface. It can be compiled with Visual Studio (version 2012 or newer) which is available free of charge. Most graphics are procedural and image processing software is not necessary for development. While an installer package is provided (and recommended for most end users), Auremo is a single self-contained standalone executable.

Project status

Auremo's latest version (0.7.0) was released on 14th September 2014. The project switched from Google's project hosting to CodePlex in March 2015. Development continues with the goal of releasing version 0.8.0 later in 2015.

Information for users

Changelog -- Version history
Howtos -- Some features might need a brief explanation
Troubleshooting -- Solutions to common problems with Auremo
Wishlist -- What to expect in future versions
Participating -- How you can help

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