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Features that might need a bit of explanation

Network traffic logging

Starting from the upcoming 0.8 release, Auremo allows you to dump the network dialogue with the server into a log file. This can be useful when you want to troubleshoot problems with Auremo, or perhaps MPD itself. A rough version is already available in Git and it should be merged into the master branch soon.

Caution: the log file will contain some of your personal information. While Auremo does make an effort to censor the commands it sends to MPD, the log file will still describe your music collection, directory structure etc. Furthermore, any response received from the server will be logged unedited and may still contain passwords, computer names etc. If you are asked to produce a network log and show it to someone, even the developer, you should read and censor the log yourself before giving it away. (Note, however, that the music collection and its format may often be a source of problems, so altering the database responses may make debugging difficult. Use your own judgement.)


The log feature is activated from the Help menu. There are two versions of it: the compact log only shows the success/failure status of each command and any possible error messages, while the verbose log shows the entire dialogue with everything intact. When you activate the log you will be asked to choose the log file's path. Logging begins immediately after the path has been chosen and continues until Auremo is closed. Switching log files or between compact and verbose modes is not possible at the moment.

For best results, disconnect from the server (Connection -> Disconnect), activate the log and then reconnect (Connection -> Connect) so the network dialogue is logged in full. If you have a very large music collection or leave the log running for a very long time the file might be huge and need compression before you can send it over e-mail.

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