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Though Auremo is usually easy to set up and use, there are some issues that frequently pop up in user feedback.

Auremo is connected, but the music collection is empty or incomplete.

This can happen in both MPD and Mopidy, for different but related reasons.


Check the mpd.log file on your server for messages like this:
buffered_socket: error on client 99: Output buffer is full

These errors occur when MPD is forced to send Auremo (or any client) very long responses to commands. This happens frequently when either the current playlist or the music collection is very large. The workaround is to increase the maximum output buffer size if the mpd.conf file on your server, for example:
max_output_buffer_size "65536"

This will of course only work if you specify a large enough buffer.

In general, keeping your current playlist reasonably short helps keep things snappy. Large music collections are more of a problem because all current versions of Auremo use the "listallinfo" command to keep a client-side copy of the music collection, which the MPD developers advise against. Fixing this is one of the top priorities in the next version of Auremo. Note, however, that it even after this is fixed, you may run into this problem if you keep all your music files in one big directory instead of a neatly arranged hierarchy on directories.


New versions of Mopidy have the ability to blacklist certain client commands. By default, the "listallinfo" command mentioned above is in fact blacklisted and needs to be explicitly allowed in your mopidy.conf file:
command_blacklist =

As discussed above, getting rid of this problem is a top priority in future Auremo versions.

Auremo crashes while fetching the music database

(Note: this should no longer happen. Which, of course, I've said every time after I've fixed this.)

As of Auremo version 0.8.0 it is possible to write the conversation between Auremo and your server into a log file. The Howtos page explains how to use this feature. Please create a log file of the problem and send it to the author for analysis. (You can of course do this with other problems that you suspect have to do with the Auremo-server communication.)

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