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Upcoming Features and Wishlist

These are some of the features that are planned and/or have been suggested for addition to Auremo. If you think there's something missing from the list, send email! However, before doing so, please make sure you aren't simply asking for something that has been asked for many times before and has been accepted for inclusion already. On the other hand, if you want to suggested something more detailed (for example, you have specific advice on how something should implemented), let us know.

Additions planned for the next release
  • Add cross-fade options.
  • Support storing multiple server addresses and quick switching between them.
  • Remember previous window size and position when restarting.
  • Add filesystem album ordering.

Additions planned for inclusion soon (possibly after the next release)
  • Use MPD command lists for atomicity. This should improve multi-user scenarios and generally make Auremo snappier.
  • Improve use of AlbumArtist tags.
  • Add more columns into music views. Make columns user-selectable.
    • Especially: add song lengths into the playlist view and display the total length somewhere.
  • Make volume control look more like a volume control.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Album art.
  • A "smart view" collection browsing mode:
    • The root view contains a search box and links to artists, genres, directories etc.
    • Every search result and expansion can be added to the playlist, but is also a link to making a new query.
    • See notes about removing the local database, below.
  • Remember the previous window splitter states when restarting.
    • This is difficult, because window splitters are not meant to have their state altered from code. Research continues.
  • Support media keys when Auremo is not focused.
    • This is not a well-supported feature on the .NET platform, but there may be ways of getting around this.
    • Windows 10 seems to make this harder than before.

Features that would be nice, but probably not right now
  • Stop keeping a local copy of the music database.
    • This is suggested in the MPD protocol specification and currently Auremo is basically doing it wrong.
    • This would probably mean having to drop the QuickSearch feature and a slightly longer latency between e.g., looking up songs on a particular album and seeing the contents.
    • The transition path is to implement the smart view without using the local database and seeing how well it works, then decide what to do.
    • FEEDBACK IS WELCOME. If you like Auremo just the way it is, let me know. Dropping the local database is voluntary.
  • Lyrics.
  • Mini-player view.
  • Store settings in a static location so that they don't need to be re-entered every time Auremo version, executable location, etc changes.
    • The current system is what Microsoft recommends, but it's tedious to use.
  • If MPD supports multiple genres per song, maybe Auremo should too.
  • User-selectable color schemes.

Features that have proven difficult to implement, but might be added later
  • SoundCloud support with Mopidy
    • I can't get the SoundCloud plugin to work at all, so I can't even tell how it's supposed to work.

Features that will not be added
  • Playing MPD's output stream with Auremo
    • This is not what Auremo is for and excellent software for this purpose is already available.

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